TEENformatiCAMP is a summer computer camp for third and fourth lower secondary school students organised by the Institute for Information Systems and Networking of the Department of Innovative Technologies.


The TEENformatiCAMP aims to introduce young people to the world of IT in a simple, fun and constructive way. The activities proposed do not aim to go into the details of the subject, but to provide the students with an introduction to the various areas of computer science. At the end of the Summer Camp, a SUPSI "Certificate of Participation" will be awarded.

Tematiche della passata edizione

  • How computers 'talk': binary system.
  • Graphics: how to create and edit images and videos.
  • How to "shrink" a file.
  • How the computer organizes and searches for information.
  • Learning to program by creating Computer Games.
  • How to create a web page.
  • How to protect yourself on the Internet.
  • What is a sensor?