Data and publications

Data and publications

The Institute for Earth Sciences offers several data within its competence

These data are integrated in research, experimentation and legislation in the following areas:

  • Hydrology: rainy, runoff measurements and Lake levels, databases and applications managing, hydrologic modelling, exposed areas to natural hazards
  • Hydrogeology: subterranean waters data, databases and applications managing, water resources monitoring and protection
  • Geology: structural monitoring data and creation of thematic maps, interpretive digital picture analysis
  • Geomatics: designing and implementing physical models of environmental processes, spatial data processing, developing Web services, Web interfaces-GIS and spatial databases, environmental monitoring and surveying

The Institute has always collaborated with the cantonal industry organizations, both nationally and internationally and carries out its activities to public and private entities to test materials and products through testing, homologations and certification on the basis of authorisations.