Continuing education
Professional training for a better management of environmental resources.

The Institute for Earth Sciences continuing formation program, addresses professionals who want to keep themselves updated on the evolution of the techniques and the norm of their activity field.

Divided into various proposals and of different duration, allows participants to enrich their curriculum with specific skills. The credits certificated in the programme, are also expendable in custom training courses according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The continuing formation courses are taught by specialists with many years of experience in practice together with teachers coming from the world of research. The offer is renewed each year and is available on our website

Natural hazards and risk
Landslides, slipping, debris flows and floods causes substantial damage every year. The continuing formation courses deal with the different aspects related to the phenomena that affect, in particular, the Alpine environment: from modelling to analysis of their dynamics, from the monitoring to the planning and management of alarm systems, passing through the application of the norms that regulate the measure to adopt for protection of persons and goods

Water resources management
Sustainable water management implies a solid training of all professionals who have to deal with the resource. The courses deals with topics such as the collection and protection of the sources, the distribution and management of water supply, the draining of reflue water in respect of the environment and the current regulations and the valutation of the state of the water bodies.

Territorial planning
the planning of the territory is an activity that calls in cause various institutional levels and professional figures. The training in this field is destined to private and public professionals who wish to develop skills, organisational and administrative techniques for successful projects under civil engineering and for their administrative management.

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