The laboratory has the main instruments for geotechnical investigation of soil. We offer the chance to go back to the index properties and grain size of the soil by sieving and sedimentation, to carry out tests oedometric consistency tests, compaction tests and direct shear tests. All test are carried out according to the Swiss legislation on the subject.

Geological and geomorphological

Image Geological and geomorphological

Detailed measurements of the substrate and the cover of the quaternary, goal-oriented for the characterization of geological and technical assistance for the construction of civil engineering and basic research.

Geomechanical and structural reliefs

Image Geomechanical and structural reliefs

Running geomechanical survey for engineering purposes (underground structures, slope stability, roads and railways) intended to define the parameters of resistance and deformability of rock masses.

Detailed maps of instability phenomena

Image Detailed maps of instability phenomena

Cartography of the areas affected by phenomena of instability and morphologic structures to support the definition and management of hazardous areas.

Analysis of natural hazards and risks

Image Analysis of natural hazards and risks

Analysis of slope stability both, natural and artificial, numerical modeling of processes and creation of natural hazards and risks maps.

Dynamic penetration tests

Image Dynamic penetration tests

The catalogue of instability phenomena is registered in a database which sores all the phenomena of slope instability recognizable on the territory and memorized according to their type (eg: landslides, debris flows, collapse). The interpretation of these phenomena is based on photo-interpretation (stereoscopic aerial photographs and orthophotos), through the analysis of the digital elevation model (DEM) with a resolution of 2 m by field surveys.

Inclinometer tests

Image Inclinometer tests

Performance of inclinometer measurements in vertical holes, equipped with inclinometric pipes for the analysis of deformations of natural and / or artificial slopes.

Laboratory analysis of soil

Image Laboratory analysis of soil

Performance of tests with granulometric sieves and hydrometers according to Swiss regulations and Atterberg limits with the possibility of a USCS classification of soils.

Management of the natural and sustainability studies

Image Management of the natural and sustainability studies

Development of project evaluation and enhancement of the geological and geomorphological heritage in the context of the natural environment protection, of promoting tourism and the environmental education.