Geomatics is in a multidisciplinary study of the area and the environment contextualizing it in a geographic dimension, which allows considering the existing spatial relationships.

Architectural survey

On request we offer surveys which show the geometric, structural and dimensional characteristics of a building.

Monitoring of stability

The sector can perform a high precision topographic monitoring by means of the analysis of spatial variations in the time of points and structural parts materialized by cornerstones. This allows checking the stability of major works, buildings or land or quantifying the speed of movements / deformations.

Topographic measurements

Thanks to the tools provided, one could perform general topographic measurements at different precision levels: via satellite positioning systems and / or total stations.

GIS consulting

Individuals, who require specific training or advice to support their activities within the Geographical Information Services (GIS) may require these services. In addition to ESRI software, we offer particular expertise in the context of software “Free & Open Source”.

Cartographic portals and Web Geoservices

More often information is being sent over the Web through dynamically navigable maps. The geomatics group develops and manages map-portals (Web-GIS) which suit your needs, on request. Web services enable you to expose a geographical spatially related information on the internet, offering a set of communication protocols that allows you to view, edit or eliminate the information. In this context we realize OGC services [] (WMS, WFS, SOS, WPS, CWS, WCS), RESTful type services[], or generally SOA applications [].

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