Sectors of activity

The Institute of Earth Sciences principal activities are related to the following sections, all intended to manage and protect the environment and its resources:

The sector geology deals with the study, monitoring and analysis of geological processes in order to manage the territory in a safe and sustainable way.

Geomatics deals with the traditional field of studying the survey and cartography as well as geographic information systems and geoinformation.

Hydrogeology and limnology
Hydrogeology and limnology deal with research and training for sustainable management of water resources. Groundwater and inland waters assure the supply for drinking, industrial and agricultural waters.

The knowledge of the hydrological cycle allows you to manage water resources effectively, to predict disastrous floods, to optimize the use of water in energy production and to limit soil erosion and landslides.

The Institute of Earth Sciences joins the Radon Competence Center CCR, which deals with the danger of radon in private homes and public buildings, offering consulting for remediation services.

Natural Hazards
The institute deals with natural hazards, especially on the Canton territory, collecting meteorological data and movements of landslides.

Research projects
This link leads to research projects carried out by the institute.