Recent projects


The suggested route from current satellite navigators could consider the recent weather forecasting, for example: the route might include a steep descent under good weather conditions, but should rather avoid it in case of low temperatures or snow.

Considering the weather forecast, the safest routes and the less affected by traffic in case of bad weather will be suggested. This requires the statistical modeling of accident rate and the likelihood of traffic jams on several roads under different weather conditions.

At present, no commercial solution for the calculation of a suggested route regarding the weather forecast is foreseen. The available systems provide the user with weather information, but these are not considered in the route calculations.
The forecasts will be acquired from Switzerland weather forecast (Meteo Switzerland) and will have a higher resolution than those normally available. The routes will be calculated with a multi-objective approach, trying to minimize travel time and rate of accidents or traffic jams of the routes proposed.

The project has been launched in September 2012. The system will be initially developed in relation to the area of Canton Ticino, and could be extended to treat a much wider area.