Exploiting wool local production in the Tessin region

Project start: 01.03.2013

Project end: 28.02.2015

Funding: CTI

Further partners: Proverzasca, Regazzi SA, Sara SA, Ftcaco, Sonogno - Switzerland

Abstract: The project aims at exploiting the wool produced by small communities of farmers/breeders located in the Tessin mountain region, moving from an expensive and impacting waste to be disposed, towards a valuable resource, relying on mass-customization and sustainability of the production systems and generating value both for local producers and for customers. Main results:

  • New created Tessin wool supply chain
  • Implementation of a new system for collecting and stocking wool to be adopted by farmers
  • DES model supporting pre-production (supply chain configuration and plant size definition) and post-production (performances) evaluation
  • Down-scaling of an industrial production line for the production of small batches of wool
  • New business model to make a local production sustainable

Website: http://www.woolti.ch