European research and innovation agenda for future simulation and forecasting technologies

Project start: 01.06.201

Project end: 30.11.2015

Funding: European Commission – EU 7th Framework Programme

Further partners: Delcam - United Kingdom, SmartFactory - Germany, Politecnico di Milano - Italy, TTS Technology Transfer System, Italy, Holonix - Italy, Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS) - Greece

Abstract: The Pathfinder project investigates, in particular, the role of simulation and forecasting technologies as a lever to increase manufacturing performance and proposes the development of a roadmap capable to clearly point out key challenges for these technologies future development. Pathfinder objectives are: to carry out an extensive analysis of the current framework and state of the art of the simulation and forecasting technologies taking into consideration main key players, industries and research initiatives; to increase the understanding of how simulation and forecasting technologies can improve manufacturing performance and to develop an impact measuring tool.