Right Shoes (CTI 2012-2014) represents the dependable solution on the market that gives a tip regarding the shoe size that a customer is willing to buy, it considers the shoe last, that is the core of each shoe, the “skeleton” on which each model is designed and physically set on, which establishes the inside volume.

The personal online assistant Right Shoes connects the 3D shape of the consumer feet with the 3D measurement of the shoe last used to produce the pair of shoes that consumers are willing to buy, as a result it suggests the most suitable shoe size that a consumer needs. This allows to implement “best match fit” customization and choosing the most suitable shoe among a selection of mass produced models and sizes.
Shoe last is the link between the foot and the shoe, between the consumer and the purchasing of shoes online.
In order to ensure reliable and easy to use measurement and matching processes the following tools have to be developed:
  • Innovative scanning and self-measurement systems, based on the use of smartphone apps, allowing to easily and cheaply gather and transfer images and data to be used for creating the foot 3D model
  • Software tools implementing algorithms for transforming the images in a 3D model, providing a reliable representation of foot shape and size
  • Software interface allowing on the one hand, the integration of the proposed system in the e-commerce solution of shoemaker and distributors and, on the other hand, to the consumer to manage his own data
  • Software tools implementing matching algorithms, indicating for each specific consumer which is the best fitting shoe and certifying the link between the final shape of a shoe and the characteristics of the last used for manufacturing it.