Title: Human MANufacturing

Project start: 01.10.2016

Project end: 30.09.2019

Funding: European Commission – HORIZON 2020

Further partners: SINTEF – Norway, AIDIMME TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE – Spain, AIRBUS – Spain, COMAU – Italy, HIGHSKILLZ – United Kingdom, HOLONIX – Italy, IUVO – Italy, KIT AR – United Kingdom, LMS – Greece, ROYO – Spain, SCUOLA SUPERIORE SANT’ANNA – Italy, UCL – United Kingdom

Abstract: The HUMAN project aims to define and demonstrate workplaces where automation and human workers operate in harmony to improve the productivity, quality, performance of the factory as well as the worker satisfaction and safety. Objectives to be met are:

  • Improving the integration of humans with their workplace.
  • Enhancing the monitoring and wellbeing of human automation co-operation.
  • Stimulating and advancing human-automation interaction and co-operation for optimal performance and achievement of complex tasks.
  • Establishing adaptable workplaces and tasks to human cognitive and physical.