Title: COllaborative robot aMPLifying and Extending huMAN capabiliTies

Project start: 1.10 2018

Project end: 30.06.2019

Funding: European Commission – HORIZON 2020 through the HORSE project consortium

Further partners: Holonix Srl – Italy, Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia – Italy, GHEPI S.r.l. a unico socio – Italy

Abstract: The COMPLEMANT experiment aims at harmonizing the capabilities of collaborative robots with those of human operators thus creating environments where they can interact safely and work synergistically towards enhanced efficiency of the production system, quality of the produced output and well-being of operators. It leverages on the HORSE framework adding functionalities at each level:

  • L0: introducing wearable sensors for monitoring in real-time the condition of the operators along with environmental sensors to retrieve the context and cobot conditions;
  • L1: connecting and extending the HORSE Workcell Monitoring component to establish sensing solutions that gather and aggregate data provided at L0 and to offer them to L2;
  • L2: developing a new interface for easy access to the UR5 cobot and by a deploying ML-based system (as OSGi applications) for the detection of the interventions triggering conditions;
  • L3: integrating within the HORSE MPMS an Intervention Manager that suggests modifications of the production system behaviour to adapt to the detected stressful or risky conditions;
  • L4: connecting with the company ERP to gain awareness of the production system objectives.