Title: Innovative SPC tools for a predictive total quality management approach towards factory digitalization

Project start: 01.07.2017

Project end: 30.06.2019

Funding: CTI (Innosuisse)

Further partners: AGIE CHARMILLE SA (GF Group) – Switzerland, INSPIRE – Switzerland, TESAR– Switzerland

Abstract: The TALOS project aims at supporting GF in finding proper solutions by developing tools that will introduce a data-driven approach to maximize the efficiency of processes through causal detection of deviations from production to service provision.

This is done by combining the opportunities brought by the IoT tools with advanced process control mechanisms.

This will bring economic benefits to GF in both short and long terms.

The results are further exploited by TESAR that will develop a new quality control module to be integrated into the SPC tools of its suite.

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