Data pills and workshops to raise awareness on antibiotic consumption and antimicrobial resistance.

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    in esecuzione

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    Progetto competitivo

  • Data di inizio

    07 luglio 2021

  • Data di fine

    31 dicembre 2025

Through a series of workshops, the project MAKEAWARE! aims to involve people, scientists, designers-artists, doctors and technologists to explore together the science and data on AMR, and to collaboratively create an open repository of resources about the so-called “silent pandemic”. Do we know how an antibiotic works? Do we know how to consume them properly? Do we collect data about symptoms during a bacterial infection? How did we manage the communication with the doctors during therapy? Are we aware of what AMR is? By joining the workshops or filling the form, we can help raise awareness about AMR through shared resources and the MAKEAWARE! map, an experimental visualization of data and stories about antibiotics prescription and consumption and AM resistance in Switzerland.

Responsabile del progetto
  • Serena Cangiano

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  • Laura Azzimonti

  • Laura Azzimonti