Laboratory of applied microbiology
The Laboratory of Applied Microbiology (LMA) is the reference center in the field of applied microbiology in southern Switzerland. At LMA, the aspects of public health, environmental hygiene, and microbial ecology converge in a unified vision of microbiology that considers the different habitats (man-built environment – natural environment) as interdependent.
LMA has facilities (laboratories BSL1, BSL2, and BSL3) in Bellinzona and Trevano where employees carry out research and offer services and training in the areas of biosafety, vector control of pathogens, microbial ecology and identification and typing of microorganisms. The service activity is carried out on behalf of the Canton of Ticino and other cantonal and national partners. Thanks to basic research in the field of microbiology, technical and scientific expertise is continuously updated and benefits projects in applied microbiology, which can thus make use of state-of-the-art methods for the analysis of classical, molecular and proteomic microbiology.

In this context, the LMA offers its support to all activities involving microorganisms both within SUPSI and in the region.

Employees are actively involved in training activities. LMA regularly hosts students from Swiss and foreign universities and provides them with a scientific and logistical framework for semester, diploma (Bachelor and Master) and Ph.D. projects. The LMA also plays a role in vocational training (apprenticeship) and as a support to the upper secondary level (high school and business school) in the field of microbiology. With the foundation Centro Biologia Alpina di Piora (, LMA organizes courses in collaboration with universities and cantonal institutes, promoting academic and research synergies on the wonderful stage of the Val Piora.