Regional Laboratory South
The research is applied to the development and implementation of rapid diagnostic and analytical methods for the detection of highly pathogenic agents in various matrices. The research also applies to the study of dangerous environmental samples.

The network of regional laboratories, which is now fully operational, is part of a national approach to the protection of the population (ABC protection concept). The Regional Laboratory South (RL South) for Biosafety is an integral part of GNI and serves as a regional antenna for type B (biological) alerts to support the National Reference Centres. Its main task is, therefore, the rapid analysis of highly pathogenic agents, generally in environmental samples and in the event of biological accidents (B events), allowing the primary analysis and selective analysis of the most dangerous micro-organisms to be decentralized.

 Valeria Guidi

The tasks of the Regional Laboratory South include:
  • Analysis of environmental samples of various nature for the research of Bacillus anthracis (suspect dust) and other potential bioterrorism agents (e.g. plague, Francisella tularensis, Brucella spp.) or for the detection of toxic biological contaminants at the request of the Office for Industry, Soil Safety and Protection, Fire Brigade or Cantonal Police.
  • Inspection of laboratories with biologically hazardous activities in collaboration with the Office for Industry, Safety and Soil Protection of the Canton of Ticino.
  • Advice and expertise in case of biosecurity problems on the territory or at the request of the authorities or private individuals.