• Stato del progetto


  • Tipo di progetto

    Progetto competitivo

  • Data di inizio

    01 gennaio 2020

  • Data di fine

    30 giugno 2021

The project, financed by Innosuisse, aims to develop artificial intelligence systems that the company (Delvitech, Mendrisio) will integrate into its automated optical inspection platform (AOIS) for printed circuit boards. In particular, the project is divided into two main activities: 1. Development of robust image analysis algorithms to detect anomalies in the components mounted on the electronic circuit board 2. Development of algorithms to simplify the machine programming process to enable it to handle a new circuit. The first aspect will be solved through the use of state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. The second aspect is of particular importance to the company, since the performance of its machines depends critically on the quality of programming performed by the operator. By implementing advanced decision support algorithms at this crucial stage, it is expected to generate significant value (and competitive advantage) for the partner company.

Responsabile del progetto
  • Alessandro Giusti

Membro del progetto
  • Maria Camilla Alvarez TriviƱo