The expertise in the interdisciplinary field of engineering applied to the biomedical sector of the Department of Innovative Technologies has led in the years to the creation of several research projects. As a result, we have witnessed an evolution of the possible uses of new and existing technologies to applications in the health sector.

In particular, the impact of digital technology on the diagnosis and treatment processes has paved the way for developing highly integrated management models and more active and participatory involvement of patients.

Departmental research in this field results in a multitude of active projects each year. They are supported by competitive funding from national and international programs and direct mandates conducted in collaboration with institutions, clinics, economic associations, and companies.

Consequently, in 2021 the Institute of Digital Technologies for Personalized Healthcare (MeDiTech) was established as an outcome of these two impulses. It has two main goals. From one side, to foster the research focused on the development of new healthcare and medicine approaches by leveraging digital technologies and pursuing teaching activities in this field at bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree. On the other side, coordinating and taking advantage of all the interdisciplinary expertise and activities associated with research and teaching of the whole Department in medical technology.