AutoPlay DD

Develop a monitoring sistem, with toys equipped with inertial sensors, for the study of ludic child manipulation.


Development of a microfluidic laboratory device allowing a rapid screening of virus sequences derived from sample extracts of Aedes albopictus mosquitos like: Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya.



Development of a personalised digital cardiac monitoring and alert system.


Development of a new mobile application to increase cardio rehabilitation adherence.



Ophthalmologic medical system for Dry Eye Syndrome treatment.



Automated system for exosome production.


Fragility Index

Algorithms for the calculation of the so-called fragility index in the management of chronic patients at home.



Development of a portable microfluidic device for the real-time detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus of COVID-19 disease.


Development of a compact high performance multifunction planar massager (MPM) device for body contouring (aesthetic medicine) and the treatment of muscular and neuromuscular pathologies (rehabilitative and sport medicine).

Secure Med

Health IoT Architecture for Patient and Admin data management.

Sleep, Awake and Move

Develop an application to prospectively collect clinical data and to increase compliance in home-based studies with Parkinson's disease patients.



A platform to assist sleep physicians effectively at all stages of their work data management, PSG scoring, diagnostic support.

Stress AI

Burnout prevention, by monitoring biometric parameters, subjective and contextual data.