Research areas
The researchers of the working group have skills in the design, construction and testing of machines, structures, mechanical and mechatronic systems, automated machinery and robots, lifting and transport and mechanical components for applications in biomedical. In addition to these specific addresses, research activities are aimed at simulations of industrial production processes.

The main research activities of the laboratory include:

  • Development and design of automatic assembly
  • Functional design of mechanical and mechatronic
  • Development and design of components and structures
  • Fatigue Design, Structural Integrity
  • Kinematics and dynamics of machines, mechanical systems and robots
  • Static and dynamic analysis in the field for the calculation in linear and nonlinear regime
  • Simulation of structural dynamics such as frequency response and shock
  • Analysis of impact, the study of behavior in terms of crash structures.
  • 3D simulation and optimization for the rheological study, verification and optimization of molds and molding cycles with thermoplastics
  • Study and modeling of the rheological behavior of metals under different strain, strain rate and temperature

The main simulation software used in R&D activity are:

  • Siemens NX for design, Simulation and manufacturing
  • NX Nastran solver, multipurpose static and dinamic FEA solver
  • MSC Marc / Mentat , Advanced Nonlinear Simulation Solution
  • Patran, Complete FEA Modeling Solution
  • Moldflow Simulation Platform, Simulation tools for injection molding and design optimization
  • Moldex 3D, plastic Injection Molding Simulation Software
  • LS-DYNA, combined Implicit/Explicit solver