A pilot plant for the solid separation based on Dissolved Air Flotation is available to process 10m3/h, and aerobic and anaerobic bioreactors at lab scale to test and optimize different processes besides a standard chemical lab to perform process monitoring are available as well.

Bioreactor Infors HT

Model: Infors HT Labfors 5

: 7.5L Bioreactor for the cultivation of bacterial suspensions. Equipped with a magnetic coupled stirrer, double wall heating system, online oxygen sensor and off-gas condensation system. The bioreactor can be autoclaved to work in sterile condition and peristaltic pumps are available for pH control and feeding during semi continuous operation. The controlled mass flow meter allows the aeration or injection of gas for the study of degradation and conversion processes.

Further information: Technical Details Labfors 5


SBR DAF system

Model: 5L SBR Reactor and 5L Dissolved Air Flotation cell

Specifications: The SBR/DAF system consists of a fully automatic sequencing batch system for the cultivation of suspended biomass systems. The unit is controlled by a Siemens programmable logic control that controls the mixer, inflow and outflow pumps and the magnetic valve of the aeration.

The second reactor, the flotation cell, is used for solid/liquid separation tests. The periphery of the DAF cell is an air dissolving tube (ADT) for the production of the injection water and is also equipped with a mixer.