The Laboratory makes use of numerous tools for the preparation and characterization of new materials:

3D printer SLA

Model: Gizmo GiziMate 130
Description: Stereolithographic (SLA) 3D printer with
top-down approach
Technical features: Light source: UV projector 405 nm, Print volume: 200 x 113 x 130 mm, Side resolution: 50 µm, Vertical resolution: 20 - 100 µm

Model: Robotfactory 3DLP
Description: Stereolithographic 3D printer (SLA) bottom-up approach
Technical features: Light source: UV projector, Print volume: 100 x 56 x 150 mm, Side resolution: 50
µm, Vertical resolution: 20 - 100 µm

Model: Admatec Admaflex 130
Description: Stereolithographic industrial 3D printer (SLA) for ceramic materials
Technical features: Light source: UV projector 405 nm, Print volume: 96 x 54 x 300 mm, Side resolution: 50
µm, Vertical resolution: 20 - 100 µm

3D printer SLS

Model: Sintratec KIT
Description: Selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printer with bed of polymeric powders
Technical features: Light source: UV laser, Print volume: 100 x100 x 100 mm, Laser speed: 1000 mm / sec

Electrophoretic deposition set-up

Description: SUPSI prototype. Apparatus for deposition in direct current (DC-EPD) with DC power supply AL 853S (Alpha Elettronica), Apparatus for deposition in alternating current (AC-EPD) with function generator 33120A (Agilent Technologies), amplifier PA 150 (Beak) and oscilloscope TDS210 (Tektronix)
Technical features: DC power supply: 0 - 50 V, 5 A, Generator + AC amplifier: 0 - 40 V, 7 A.

Three Roll Mill

Model: Exakt 50 L
Description: Unit used for the distribution, homogenization or dispersion of powders in dispersants such as pastes, fluids or semi-fluids

Technical features: Working mass: 7 kg / h, Working width: 4-13 cm, Funnel content: 750 cm3


Model: Brookfield LVDV-II+
Description: disc viscometer for measuring viscosity of fluids
Technical features: Spring torque: 673.7 dyne-cm; 0.0673 milli Newton-m. Working temperature: -100
° C / 300 ° C

Model: HEAK 7R plus
Description: disc viscometer for measuring viscosity of fluids
Technical features: From 20 to 40'000'000 mPas, Working temperature: 10 ° C / 40 ° C, Accuracy: ± 1% of the full scale value

High temperature oven

Description: Graphite resistance oven for vacuum heat treatments up to 1800
° C and in Argon inert atmosphere up to 2200 ° C.
Technical features: Volume of 750ml (
Ø80x150mm), 6 flanges DN25 and DN16 for auxiliary systems, vacuum up to 0.1mbar, inert atmosphere in Argon with flow regulation from 1 to 10 l / min, maximum heating speed 25 ° C / min

Precision miter saw

Model: ATM Brillant 220
Description: Bench cutting machine for wet cutting equipped with automatic movement along the three axes (X, Y, Z). It allows different cutting functions and the different locking systems allow you to configure the miter saw according to specific applications
Technical features: Maximum cutting capacity
Ø75mm, cutting plane 280x210mm, cutting chamber 400x500mm, speed 300-5000rpm


Model: Mettler Toledo TGA/DSC 3+
Description: system for the combined thermal analysis of thermo-gravimetry (TGA) and scanning calorimetry (DSC) up to 1600
° C in air or inert atmosphere
Technical features: analysis temperature from 25 to 1600
° C, weighed from 0.022mg to 5g, maximum sample volume 900μL


Model: Quantachrome Instruments Pore Master 60
Description: Mercury porosimeter for the characterization of porosity in solids and powders. The controlled pressure mercury intrusion allows to measure the volume of the open porosity and to establish the distribution of the pore size

Technical features: pore size measurable from 950 to 0.0036μm

Sintering furnace

Model: Nabertherm LHT 08/18
Description: High temperature furnace
Technical features: Maximum temperature: 1800
° C, Air oven, Muffle oven

Heat exchange / pressure drop / oxidation oven

Model: XERION XTUBE 3128 / 2015
Description: Oven for measuring heat exchange and pressure drop inside a ceramic tube, where it is possible to insert cylindrical latexes. Possibility to perform oxidation tests with different gases and with humidity

Technical features: Maximum oven temperature: 1,600 ° C, Maximum fluid flow rate: 400 Nl / min, Latex diameter: 20 mm

Planetary centrifugal mixer

Model: Thinky ARE250
Description: Planetary centrifugal mixer

Technical features: Possibility of mixing highly viscous materials, maximum capacity: 310 g

Potential Analyzer Z

Model: Colloidal Dynamics ZetaProbe Analyzer
Description: Machine for measuring the Z potential of water and solvent based suspensions
Technical features: suspension measurement up to 60 vol%, minimum volume 200 mL, pH and electrical conductivity measurement, complete titration with isoelectric point identification (IEP)


Model: IROP A1/E 1500
Description: Production of polymeric matrix composite products for high performance
Technical features:
 Capacity: 5100 l, Pressure: 7.2 bar, Temperature: 200 ° C

Pyrolysis oven

Model: Keos SPS 01
Description: Pyrolysis oven in inert atmosphere
Technical features: Capacity: 40kg / 100l, Temperature: 1000
° C, Inert gas: Argon

Hot platen press

Model: Ceramic Instrument SS/EA
Description: Molding of polymeric products and compacting of ceramic powders
Technical features: Strength: 40 tons, Max impression: 120x120 mm, Temperature: max 250
° C

Tape casting

Model: SUPSI prototype
Description: Machine for film deposition of viscous suspensions with controlled humidity drying chamber
Technical features: Length: 1500mm, Deposition speed: from 1 to 3000 mm / min, Deposition thickness: from 0.05 to 5 mm


Model: Eirich Lab LE1
Description: Apparatus for pulverizing dry granulated compounds.
Technical features: Capacity: 2 kg / 1l, Speed: basket 85/170 rpm, disintegrator 200-7200 rpm, Monitoring of the temperature of the mass and of the absorbed power

Orbital mixer

Model: WAB Turbula 2F
Description: Stirrer for dispersing and pulverizing viscous suspensions
Technical features: Capacity: 10kg / 2l, Speed: 20-100 rpm


Model: Bandelin Sonopuls HD 2200
Description: Ultrasonic homogenizer
Technical features: Power: 200W, Capacity: up to 900ml, Frequency: 20 kHz

Stereoscopic microscope

Model: Carl Zeiss Stemi 2000-C, Axiocam ERc 5s
Stereoscopic microscope for microscopy with large depth of field
Technical features:
Magnifications: from 6.5x to 50x, Lighting: led, selective

Dry powder mixer