The Institute is acting as a bridge between the Ticino industrial sector and the academic community on issues related to mechanical engineering and materials technology. Furthermore, in these research areas we act as a contact point for the development of multidisciplinary projects (particularly appreciated offer among our industrial partners) encouraging the involvement, where desired, of other research groups within SUPSI.
We also believe that the contribution of our Institute will be particularly relevant to the unifying theme of SUPSI, that of sustainable development, to which we want to direct our research activities.

The Institute has several laboratories that are involved in applied research and in educational purposes (Bachelor and Master programs). On a preferential basis, the collaboration builds on the development of innovative projects through third-party funding,  such as Cantonal, Federal or European funding. On request we offer also services and we take charge of direct mandates.


Prof. Maurizio Barbato, Director of the Instiute (ad interim)