Competence Centre for Healthcare Practices and Policies
The Competence Centre for Healthcare Practices and Policies (CPPS) was established in 2018 around a series of research on clinical care processes and the organizational systems found within.

The purpose of the CPPS is to develop and promote effective, ethical and socially sustainable healthcare practices and policies, which put the safety and well-being of patients, their families and healthcare professionals at the forefront on the basis of shared scientific evidence.

The 21st century is characterized by new and broad welfare challenges. These include the aging of the population with the associated increase of chronic diseases and polymorbidity, the extension of the needs and complexity of healthcare services, the need for new roles following medical advances, the growing expectations towards healthcare professionals, technological innovations and digitalization, the appearance of multiple ethical questions, the rise in healthcare costs. In this context, the CPPS develops applied research activities and designs services in the clinical care and socio-political fields.

The multidisciplinary team is made up of researchers from the health, human and social sciences. Many of them are active in Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, thus ensuring mutual enrichment between teaching and research and a close relationship with the region.