RESlab Landquart
The Landquart Rehabilitation and Exercise Science Laboratory (RESlab) collaborates with 2rlab in the field of rehabilitation research.

The RESlab focuses on studying the effectiveness of various therapeutic interventions and rehabilitation programmes and is characterised as a state-of-the-art human research laboratory.
In addition to conducting practice-oriented research, the RESlab promotes the transfer of knowledge into practice and the training of future scientists, thanks to a team of researchers active in education.

Research projects are often carried out in cooperation with national and international partner institutions. In the field of research and rehabilitation, RESlab works closely with the Graubünden Cantonal Hospital and the Ilanz Regional Hospital. In the development of innovative test procedures and therapeutic devices, instead, there is a long-standing close collaboration with Swissrehamed and with the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM).
The laboratory also collaborates with various academic institutions on a national and international level:

  • THIM University of Applied Sciences in Physiotherapy
  • Berner Fachhochschule (BFH)
  • Université de Fribourg
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • University of Antwerp
  • University of Portsmouth
  • Universitat de València


Dr. Ron Clijsen
Leiter Forschung & Entwicklung RESlab, PhD in Rehabilitationswissenschaften und Physiotherapie

Dr. Erich Hohenauer
Stv. Leiter Forschung & Entwicklung RESlab, PhD in Rehabilitationswissenschaften und Physiotherapie

Vanessa Wellauer
Forschungsmitarbeiterin, MSc. in Bewegungswissenschaften

Livia Freitag
Forschungsmitarbeiterin, MSc. in Physiotherapie

Giannina Dias
Forschungsmitarbeiterin, MSc. in Bewegungswissenschaften

Miriam Herten
Forschungsmitarbeiterin, BSc. in Physiotherapie