The general objective of the 2rLab laboratory is to contribute to the development and improvement of rehabilitation, with particular attention to the professional environments of the physiotherapist and occupational therapist.

Specifically, the laboratory conducts projects aimed at:

  • Studying the effectiveness of rehabilitation procedures for the main musculoskeletal and neurological pathologies
  • Propose innovative rehabilitation programmes for the main musculoskeletal and neurological diseases
  • Develop and validate original methods for the evaluation of patients with motor disabilities


The laboratory, formally approved by the SUPSI Board in 2015, is equipped with adequate space for conducting experimental activities on healthy volunteers and patients.
The laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technologies that allow the conducting of projects in the field of biomechanics and neurophysiology of motor control.
Technologies available at the laboratory:

  • High-density multi-channel electromyograph: linear arrays and two-dimensional electrode matrices for the acquisition of surface EMG signal maps from different muscles
  • Ergometers for evaluating the articular strength of the knee, elbow, shoulder and ankle
  • Strength platform with visual feedback for evaluating weight distribution in different conditions
  • Ultrasound for the morphological evaluation and measurement of muscle, tendon and vascular structures
  • Inertial, electromagnetic and optoelectronic systems with infrared cameras for motion analysis