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Every year SUPSI opens its doors to present Bachelor's and Master's degree programs.
OpenDays will take place over the course of a day in which it will be possible to visit campuses, laboratories, study and work classrooms, engage with the experiences of Bachelor's and Master's degree program leaders, faculty and already enrolled students, and participate in workshops and interactive presentations. In addition to the Bachelor's and Master's presentations, it will also be possible to learn about the services and extracurricular activities that complement the university experience.

Bachelor in Pre-Primary Education
Bachelor in Primary Education
Diploma in Upper Secondary Education
Master in Mathematics Secondary Education
Master in Secondary Education
Master in Specialised Pedagogy and Inclusive Didactics

Bachelor in Theatre
Master in Theatre

Bachelor in Computer Science
Bachelor in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
Bachelor in Engineering and Management
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
Master in Engineering

Bachelor in Architecture
Bachelor in Civil Engineering
Bachelor in Conservation
Bachelor in Interior Design
Bachelor in Visual Communication
Master in Conservation-Restoration
Master in Interaction Design

Bachelor in Nursing
Bachelor in Occupational Therapy
Bachelor in Physiotherapie

Bachelor in Social Work

Bachelor in Business Administration
Bachelor in Leisure Management

Master in Business Administration