Advanced Studies - DTI

Specialised programmes leading to the titles of Master of Advanced Studies (60 ECTS), Diploma of Advanced Studies (30 to 59 ECTS) and Certificate of Advanced Studies (10 to 29 ECTS). All programmes are recognised at cantonal and federal level.

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Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)

Professionalising courses of 2 or 3 years' duration responding to a need for career development linked to a recognised professionalism (60 ECTS).

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Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)

Professionalisation courses that specialise in a specific sector or field of activity. In some cases, they can be integrated into MAS programmes.(30 to 59 ECTS).

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Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

Courses that offer timely responses to professional development needs. They can be part of DAS and MAS (10 to 29 ECTS).

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