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Education and research in technology are fundamental to ensuring the growth of our society.

Prof. Dr. Milena Properzi

Prof. Dr. Milena Properzi


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Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

Head: Prof. Andrea Graf

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Continuing Education

Head: Eng. Antonio Bassi

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Research Development and Knowledge Transfer

Head: Prof. Dr. Federico Bosi

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Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence Studies

Director: Prof. Dr. Andrea Emilio Rizzoli

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Institute of Systems and Applied Electronics

Director: Prof. Dr. Daniele Allegri

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Institute of Information Systems and Networking

Director: Prof. Dr. Tiziano Leidi

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Institute of Systems and Technologies for Sustainable Production

Director: Prof. Marco Colla

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Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Materials 

Director: Prof. Dr. Maurizio Barbato

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Institute of Digital Technologies for Personalised Healthcare

Director: Prof. Stéphane Meystre

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Appointed by SUPSI Council to support relations with the professional and scientific world.

  • Stefano Modenini

  • Sara Bühler

  • Florence Labati

  • Susanne Cedraschi

  • Tomislav Matievic

  • Maurizio Crivellari

  • Gabriella Modiano

  • Emanuele Dati

  • Alberto Siccardi

  • Maria Grazia Giuffreda

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