Under certain conditions related to income and residence in Ticino, students may receive Cantonal bursaries. In specific cases, foreign students may receive SUPSI assistance in liaising with private institutions offering bursaries.

The main organisation involved in this process is the Bursary and Subsidy Office (Ufficio delle borse di studio e dei sussidi), which administers bursary applications.

The aim is to facilitate the education by means of government assistance in the form of study grants and loans, and professional subsidies.

Applications are considered in order of arrival and decisions are based on the School Law (Legge della scuola) of 1 February 1990 and on the Bursary Regulations (Regolamento delle borse di studio) of 8 March 1995.

Other resources include the Municipal Bursaries and Foundations (Borse di studio e Fondazioni comunali) administered by the City of Lugano and other Private Foundations and Organisations (Enti e Fondazioni private) that grant bursaries.

The SUPSI Careers office also provides consulting services and further information regarding other Foundations that award bursaries to students from Ticino, from other Cantons and from outside Switzerland.