Fees and scholarships
This page provides an overview of the semester fees and offers scholarship holders targeted support to guide them in their choice of scholarship institutions.

Application fee

A fee of CHF 100 is payable upon submission of the application form; this amount may vary for affiliated Schools. The fee is neither refundable nor deductible from the semester fee.

General information on half-yearly fees

The semester fee is CHF 1,600 or CHF 800 for students benefiting from the application of the Intercantonal Agreement on Universities of Applied Sciences (Swiss nationality or civil and tax domicile in Switzerland or Liechtenstein). The amount varies for the degree courses offered by the affiliated Schools: Music CHF 1,500, respectively CHF 750; Theatre CHF 800 - 1200; Fernfachhochschule CHF 1800 - 2200.
In addition to the six-monthly fee, teaching contributions are to be provided, which vary according to the degree course. For further details, please refer to the course summary sheets.

General information on scholarships

The Scholarship Policy aims to support people post-compulsory education. In this area we find educational institutions at secondary level (e.g. high school and vocational school) and tertiary level (e.g. University and University of Applied Sciences and Arts).

In all cantons, the principle of subsidiarity prevails in the area of education and training when it comes to the awarding of scholarships. Grants and loans are only granted when the financial possibilities of the applicant, his/her parents and other legally responsible persons are considered insufficient.

The scholarship system in Switzerland is regulated at cantonal level, each canton has its own legislation on the provision of grants and loans. The personal and financial conditions justifying the awarding of a scholarship are defined very differently from one canton to another, and this also applies to the recognition of training centres.

An important role is also played by the numerous private foundations that provide for the granting of scholarships in their statutes.

See the foundations list (in Italian).