Fees and scholarships
Page dedicated to information on fees (application and semester fees) and available scholarships.

Information on fees

Application fee
A fee of CHF 200 is payable upon submission of the application form; this amount may vary for affiliated Schools. The fee is neither refundable nor deductible from the semester fee.

General information on half-yearly fees
The semester fee is CHF 1,600 or CHF 800 for students benefiting from the application of the Intercantonal Agreement on Universities of Applied Sciences (Swiss nationality or civil and tax domicile in Switzerland or Liechtenstein). Exceptions to this are Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Departement Physiotherapie Graubünden Landquart and Fernfachhochschule Schweiz, whose regulations specify fees of different amounts.
In addition to the six-monthly fee, teaching contributions are to be provided, which vary according to the degree course. For further details, please refer to the course summary sheets.

General information on scholarships

In the public sector, municipalities, cantons and the federal government provide scholarships to support students who meet certain requirements.

Scholarships granted by the Canton of Ticino
The scholarship system in Switzerland is regulated at cantonal level; each canton has its own legislation on the provision of grants and loans. The personal and financial conditions that justify the granting of a scholarship are defined very differently from canton to canton. In Ticino, the Department of Education, Culture and Sport provides study grants to Swiss and foreign students whose determining domicile is in the canton of Ticino. The information brochure and application forms (in Italian) can be downloaded from the website (content in Italian):

Private Foundations
The canton provides a non-exhaustive list of the main private foundations operating in our territory from which it is possible to apply for financial aid (content in Italian):

Scholarships other cantons
Students with a determining domicile in other cantons can find the office responsible for their scholarship applications at the following link:

Confederation Scholarships
At the federal level, the Swiss Conference of University Rectors (swissuniversities) administers state grants for Swiss students, researchers or artists undertaking a study stay abroad.
The federal government also allocates, through the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students, various types of third-cycle scholarships for researchers of all disciplines and partly for foreign artists.

Cantonal study loan
A study loan, repayable, is the financial aid that the canton may provide in addition to a scholarship or in lieu thereof, as a rule only for tertiary-level studies. More information (in Italian):

Study Loan Swiss Foundation for the Promotion and Financing of Education EDUCA SWISS
For students, there is also the possibility of applying for non-profit loans granted by the Educa Swiss Foundation and repayable on favourable terms after completion of training. More information (in German and French):

Leonardo Foundation Scholarships for SUPSI students to promote inclusion and study / work / family reconciliation
Through its scholarships, FONDAZIONE LEONARDO wishes to support students attending a SUPSI Undergraduate and Graduate Studies course (Bachelor's, Master's, Diploma) who are experiencing financial difficulties mainly due to the need to reconcile study commitments with work or family commitments.
These are, for instance, students who:

  • are professionally active and who, in order to be able to attend university, have to reduce or stop working commitments;
  • need to reconcile their studies with family and/or personal commitments, and are unable to support themselves.

The scholarship is particularly aimed at students who:

  • wish to enrol or who are already enrolled in a degree programme of the Departments DACD, DEASS, DFA or DTI;
  • are Ticino residents;
  • are candidates that do not benefit from other financial support provided by SUPSI or other public or private bodies.

The call for tenders usually comes out towards the end of January and closes at the end of February for the following academic year.
For more details see the regulations and the announcement at the following link.
If you have any questions, please contact the following address: borsedistudio@supsi.ch