Radon Competence Centre (CCR)

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Radon Competence Centre (CCR)

Radon is a naturally occurring noble gas that can exude from the ground and concentrate inside buildings. It is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that is radioactive and is the second most frequent cause of lung cancer. The Radon Competence Centre studies it, making its knowledge available to professionals, building owners and interested parties in general.

The Radon Competence Centre is active in the field of research, collaborating with local, regional, national and international partners. Its services provide the necessary knowledge for the development of applied research projects aimed at improving prevention and mitigation techniques.

Mission and goals

The Radon Competence Centre started its activities on 1 January 2008. It carries out training, research and service activities by making information and knowledge on this important issue available to property owners, professionals and interested parties in general.

​​​​​​​The employees have many years of experience in the field, have been trained in accordance with UFSP regulations, and cover a wide range of radon-related disciplines, ranging from scientific knowledge (geology, physics, biology) to construction-related disciplines (engineering, architecture, materials science).
In 2009, the Federal Office of Health recognised the CCR as a regional service for Italian-speaking Switzerland and appointed its head as 'Radon Delegate'.

The Centre's services are aimed at acquiring specific skills directly on the ground, in contact with professionals in the field and the public confronted with radon problems. The services result in study and applied research projects aimed at improving prevention and remediation techniques.

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In order to inform and educate planners and specialists in various building-related fields, the Radon Competence Centre organises courses for students and professionals.
​​​​​​​It should be noted that the regional radon service of French-speaking Switzerland and the regional radon service of German-speaking Switzerland offer training courses for radon advisors in their respective national languages.

Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

The Centre is involved in Undergraduate and Graduate Studies in SUPSI's Architecture and Civil Engineering degree courses.

Continuing education

The Radon Competence Centre regularly offers courses and refresher courses according to the guidelines of the Federal Office of Public Health as well as short training courses. Target groups for such training are professionals from the building sector, architects, engineers, plant engineers, municipal technicians, and public and private clients.

Training on behalf of external bodies

The Centre provides customised training for professional associations. In recent years, for example, training courses have been conducted for associations, institutes and local and external bodies.

The Radon Competence Centre cooperates with the other two regional services active at the HES-SO in Freiburg e the FHNW in Muttenzas well as with various other academic institutions in Switzerland and abroad.

Further information on the Radon Competence Centre is available by visiting the dedicated website

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