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The applied research activities carried out by SUPSI research units are characterised by strong practical application, with the primary aim of offering innovative solutions that can improve both the competitiveness of companies and organisations and the quality of people's lives.

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. Applied research

SUPSI is active in numerous programmes and projects of applied research and knowledge transfer within multiple networks involving local, national and international organisations, companies and institutions.

​​​​​​​Source: SUPSI Annual Report 2022
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    Research Units
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The research and innovation activities carried out in the various fields of competence involve a variety of internal and external stakeholders, with the aim of developing highly innovative solutions in increasingly interdisciplinary areas.

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Research and innovation activities are characterised by a strong application profile aimed mainly at responding to the needs of local companies and institutions, with some areas of outstanding scientific excellence and international visibility.

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The activities carried out by the research centres follow a process of continuous monitoring and improvement, in line with the SUPSI Quality Assurance System (QAS).

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Research centres

Research activities are carried out by a multitude of institutes, competence centres and specialised laboratories active in the various departments and affiliated schools, in close cooperation with local, federal and international institutions, companies and partners.

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The research database contains detailed information on the research and technology transfer activities carried out by SUPSI researchers under the various projects and mandates.

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The more than 400 projects active at SUPSI's institutes and research centres involve a multitude of sectors of the economy and society, with the aim of offering innovative solutions that can improve both the competitiveness of companies and organisations and the quality of life of individuals.

The interdisciplinary approach to research at SUPSI

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Partners and networks

We are part of multiple collaboration networks at territorial, federal and international level that enhance the skills, activities and spin-offs of our research and innovation activities.


Transfer of knowledge

We promote innovation and the transfer of knowledge with the aim of creating a link between the world of applied research, the economy and society.

SUPSI supports Open Science as a strategic approach that enhances quality, transparency, accessibility, dissemination and re-use of scientific results. The Management joins the Swiss national strategy of swissuniversities by adopting the SUPSI Open Science Guidelines.

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