Digital Forensics Service

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Digital Forensics Service

It conducts applied research at national and international level in the field of computer forensics and data security, with a transversal approach. For more than ten years, it has provided strategic technical and scientific support to judicial authorities.

The Service is structured in a transversal way to cover all operational and research areas, where the need to prevent and manage a cyber incident and to secure sensitive data and critical infrastructures arises. The Service's main competences concern strategic digital investigation activities and the security of sensitive data and critical infrastructures. 


Computer forensics


Privacy and information security


Computing incidents management 


Deep and Dark web


Audio and video content analysis to support the fight against cybercrime

Mission and objectives

The Service's mission is to provide value-added expertise to law enforcement agencies and businesses in dealing with digital investigations and cyber threats in an interdisciplinary manner, covering the entire cyber risk chain.

Dr. Ing. Alessandro Trivilini

Responsabile Servizio 

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Since 2012, the Service has been offering Continuing Education courses in computer forensics and information security.

Thanks to its participation in seminars, symposia and scientific conferences in the field, the Service has the opportunity to exchange views with experts active at national and international level, keeping abreast of the state of the art in the field.

  • CAS in Digital Forensics for Blockchain Analysis, Penetration Testing and Incident Response 
  • CAS Digital forensics (basic course)
  • CAS in Digital Forensics (advanced course)
  • DAS in Digital Forensics

Within its mandate, the Service works in strategic cooperation with the following local, national and international bodies:

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Further information about the Centre is available by visiting the dedicated website.

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