Applied Psychology Competence Centre

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Applied Psychology Competence Centre

The Applied Psychology Competence Centre (APC) deals with Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, Continuing Education and Research by working closely with the region through public and private cantonal organisations, developing measures and offering specific services in the field of applied psychology.

Applied psychology is divided into various branches ranging from health psychology to organisational psychology, from clinical psychology to environmental, forensic or traffic psychology. The Centre is active in study and research projects in some of these areas.


Organisational psychology  

Acting in stress management and motivation of individuals, the promotion of well-being within the organisation, recruitment and training. 


Legal psychology

Deals with forensic activities in criminal and civil law, specific assessments, research and consultations in legal contexts to understand conduct, rehabilitation programmes and taking charge. 


Traffic psychology  

This is the application of psychology to the study and analysis of driving behaviour and, more generally, in road traffic.

Mission and objectives

The Competence Centre deals with aspects of psychology in various areas of everyday life, care and education as well as research, and in particular develops specific insights into the psychology of movement.

Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care

Head of the center
Lorenzo Pezzoli, Psychologist and psychotherapist ATP/FSP, Master's degree in psychology, specialised in psychoanalytically oriented FSP psychotherapy, FSP traffic psychology, Professor in Applied Psychology, Member Swiss Society for Traffic Psychology (SPC), Diagnostic Section, Member Swiss Society of Legal Psychology (SSPL)
  • Roberto Ballerini, SPF psychologist and psychotherapist, SPF traffic psychologist SPC  member, diagnostic section
  • Saskya Bertoni, Communication expert, Secretary of the Applied Psychology Competence Centre
  • Cinzia Campello, ATP/FSP, Traffic Psychologist, FSP Complementary Certificate in Emergency Psychology, Senior lecturer and researcher
  • Antonietta Colubriale, Degree in sociology, Senior lecturer and researcher
  • Elisa Milani, Psychologist and ATP/FSP psychotherapist, specialising in FSP psychotherapy, Lecturer and researcher
  • Daniela Pasquale, Psychologist ATP/FSP, Lecturer and researcher
  • Natalia Perucchi Campopiano, Psychologist and psychotherapist ATP/FSP, Lecturer and researcher


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Meeting federal requirements, the centre is recognised by the cantonal authority for carrying out the diagnostic assessment of fitness to drive. It also runs a listening and psychological Helpdesk available to students and employees.

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Brown bag seminars

The Centre of Competence in Applied Psychology is active and participates in the Undergraduate and Graduate Studies of the Department of Business, Health and Social Sciences (DEASS) as well as in Continuing Education and Professional Development in the fields of expertise ranging from traffic psychology to neuropsychology and other psychological areas of interest. In addition, the Centre is internally active with regular supervision and intervision sessions to ensure the quality of the interventions and of the counselling and expert witness work.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

    The members of the Competence Centre have responsibilities in specific modules of the Bachelor of Science in Social Work such as Mental Health, Times of life, Narrative Approaches, Formative Supervision, Methods and Techniques of Intervention with Psychic Distress, and Playful Approaches in Social Work. Nell’ambito sanitario del DEASS è ugualmente sollecitata e confermata la partecipazione ai corsi sul disagio psichico,sullo sviluppo psicologico, sulle dipendenze così come nei moduli specifici di area.

  • Continuing Education

    The Centre is involved in the teaching of Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) and Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) active in both the social and healthcare fields, also with responsibilities, as in the case of the CAS Psychic Distress, the CAS Addiction, the CAS LAVI (law to help victims) and the CAS Legal Psychology, all strongly aimed at cantonal collaboration and involvement of services, centres and professionals from the areas concerned.

  • Refresher courses

    In the area of training, emphasis is placed on regular refresher courses distributed throughout the year on the topics of traffic psychology and neuropsychology. Appointments are open to specialists from the area or professional groups interested in taking part. In particular, modules were held on alcohol and driving, on the cognitive aspects involved in driving, and on the elderly and road traffic.

The Centre collaborates with the Ticino Association of Psychologists (ATP) on initiatives, training, research in the field of psychology, as well as offering a network of psychologists available for targeted help and assessment. 

In addition, the Centre has targeted and continued collaborations with the Cantonal Medical Office, the Cantonal Police Psychology Unit, the Cantonal Sociopsychiatric Organisation and, at the federal level, contacts with professional associations from the Swiss Federation of Psychologists (FSP) to the Swiss Society of Legal Psychology (SSPL) and the Swiss Society of Traffic Psychology (SPC).

The latest news

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Further information about the Centre is available by visiting the dedicated website.

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