Institute of Digital Technologies for Sustainable Production (ISTePS)

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Institute of Digital Technologies for Personalised Healthcare (MeDiTech)

It is involved in the study and testing of new approaches for the development of healthcare, therapies and medical devices through the integration of digital technologies capable of collecting, analysing and processing large amounts of diverse data.


Biomedical Signal Processing 

Extraction of clinically relevant information from biological, subjective and contextual data. Support systems for personalised diagnosis and therapy.


Digital Health

Development of mobile health, personalised health and telemedicine systems for acquiring and analysing data to support treatment and diagnosis; of systems to support data management, process optimisation and improvement of care pathways in healthcare facilities.


Medical Devices

Development of highly integrated systems with several integrative steps ranging from nanotechnology to micro-devices for diagnosis and therapy aid.

Mission and objectives 

The Institute's research activities focus on the implementation of digital health solutions and data analysis tools to support medical decision-making processes. 

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L’Istituto contribuisce all’offerta formativa del Dipartimento tecnologie innovative attraverso l’erogazione di diversi corsi di formazione base (Bachelor e Master) e continua.

Formazione base
  • Bachelor in Data Science: applied Case Studies of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Key Areas 2
  • Bachelor in Ingegneria elettronica, Ingegneria meccanica e Ingegneria informatica: opzione in Tecnologie medicali
  • Bachelor in Ingegneria informatica e Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: opzione in Anatomical and physiological data management trough sensors and biomedical instrumentations
  • Master of Science in Engingeering in Medical Engineering: Biology, physiology and anatomy for engineers
  • Master of Science in Engingeering (diversi profili): Digital Health, Applied Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Progetti di semestre e tesi di Bachelor e Master

Formazione continua
Collaboratrici e collaboratori dell’istituto sono coinvolti nell’ambito delle attività di formazione continua SUPSI, in particolare in qualità di docenti nei seguenti percorsi formativi:
  • CAS SUPSI in Quality by Design and Data Science for Industry
  • DAS SUPSI in Healthcare Management – Modulo “Introduction to Health Management”
  • Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Healthcare (Swiss School of Public Health)
  • How data from wearables will revolutionize healthcare. Past, present and future of public health research in the pharmaceutical industry (Swiss School of Public Health)
  • Corsi specifici di statistica sperimentale e Design of Experiments (DoE) ad hoc per industrie del territorio
  • Machine Learning ed Intelligenza Artificiale in campo medico e life-science

L’Istituto contribuisce all’offerta formativa del Dipartimento tecnologie innovative.

MeDiTech's research activities are carried out in cooperation with local (e.g. Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale EOC, Istituto Oncologico di Ricerca IOR, Clinica Luganese Moncucco, Ospedale Malcantonese), national (e.g. Inselspietal di Berna, Chuv di Losanna) and international (e.g. L.I.F.E., Relitech, ABAMOBILE).

Further information about the Institute of digital itechnologies for personalised health care isavailable by visiting the dedicated website 

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