Competence Centre on Ageing

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Competence Centre on Ageing

The Competence Centre on Ageing (CCA) is engaged in research, documentation and training to increase our understanding of population and individual ageing, to promote the well-being and quality of life of older adults, and to support professionals working in related sectors.

The CCA's core research themes include: the use and quality of formal and informal care; social vulnerability (e.g., social isolation and loneliness) and inequalities in old age.


Formal and informal assistance

Organisation, use and satisfaction with formal (e.g., residential long-term care, home care) and informal (e.g., caregiving from family members) care.



Development and evaluation of the effectiveness of non-pharmacological treatment/interventions for people living with dementia and behavioural disorders in residential long-term care.


Social Vulnerability

Analysis of the prevalence, contributing factors, and responses to isolation, loneliness and the social exclusion of older people.

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The CCA provides valuable support to facilities and organisations wishing to undertake research projects, carry out organisational analyses or offer supervision to their nursing staff. It also has a documentation centre open to the public.

The Centre collaborates closely with the SUPSI Continuing Education healthcare section within the framework of refresher and in-depth training courses in gerontology and geriatrics for healthcare professionals. Ad hoc training courses for institutions and teams are also offered on request.
  • Advanced Studies

    The Advanced Studies consist of long-term training courses based on a modular system aimed at a professional audience and designed in such a way as to enable the degree to be obtained in parallel with professional activity. The CCA is active within the DAS Gerontology and Geriatrics, a course that prepares for the role of clinical specialist in this field.

  • Short courses

    The Centre is active in short training courses aimed at various healthcare professionals such as nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers and social workers, as well as in rehabilitation training courses.

  • Bespoke training

    The CCA team offers in-house training courses, targeted to the specific needs of individual organisations. For instance, the CCA carries out research-awareness-raising mandates in the canton's institutions on specific topics (such as well-being) and organises conferences.

The Competence Centre on Ageing cooperates with different institutes, research organisations and universities abroad.

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