Digital Fabrication Lab (FabLab)

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Digital Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab)

The FabLab at SUPSI is a Digital Fabrication Laboratory that facilitates the development of digital skills in various domains including architecture, construction, design, interaction, and creativity. This facility actively engages with students, lecturers, researchers, companies, organizations, and citizens to promote the Open Innovation model through the utilization of digital technologies.

Mission and goals

The FabLab designs innovative educational formats and research projects to foster design innovations and digital skills development. It aims to facilitate the professional  hybridization among architects/designers, engineers/developers, and entrepreneurs/communicators by developing paths for the development of interdisciplinary digital skills.

The goal is to support and promote
  • the teaching in the fields of architecture, construction, and design, particularly in the areas of parametric design and digitized modeling.
  • themes, techniques, and technologies related to prototyping, programming, and digital design through computer-controlled machines.
  • continuous training in fast prototyping and digitalized manufacturing and modeling for architecture and design in the Ticino region.
  • the research on materials, technologies, and design processes enhanced by digital fabrication in the fields of architecture, design, and construction.
  • the open innovation model in accordance with MIT guidelines, emphasizing the use of Open Source practices.

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The FabLab offers curricular and extracurricular courses for SUPSI students and continuing education courses open to all. From 3D printing to the use of robotic arms for design and creativity, innovative courses for the development of digital skills are offered every year.

The FabLab is a structure that also dialogues with design and technology communities, companies, non profit organizations and citizens in the Ticino region and in Switzerland to foster the model of open innovation and prototyping for all. It is an open space connected to the network of Swiss FabLabs and global. It supports the Master of Arts in Interaction Design, the SUPSI international course that combines design and new technologies. It collaborates with SUPSI's Entrepreneur club, SUPStain and Start-Up Garage.

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