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Institute of Design (IDe)

The Institute of Design carries out its activities by providing solutions applied to the needs of the cantonal, national and international territory, developing its mandates with a view to increasing and developing the quality of the disciplines in the field of design as an important element of well-being and quality of the life of the company.

What we do

The Institute of Design promotes research in design and the transfer of scientific knowledge and skills in response to the social, productive and economic changes induced by digital transformation processes. The research results aim to generate systemic innovations centered on the needs of the individual, to make accessible and enhance the cultural and territorial heritage and to develop communication strategies, applying open, participatory, collaborative and socially sustainable tools and methodologies.

Mission and goals

The mission of the Design Institute is to work in favor of the local area by combining the culture of design, technological evolution and social and economic changes with a view to an open, sustainable, inclusive and democratic design.
We think of design solutions that are systemic, accessible and shared, capable of evolving with respect to social, political, economic and technological transformations. We use design methodologies included in processes based on constant multidisciplinary collaboration with national and international partners.
We combine research, technology transfer and training through the synergistic relationship between the activities carried out by researchers, teachers, students, Bachelor and Master degree courses and FabLab.



Workshops and lectures by our experts

Degree courses and continuing education

Through intensive collaboration with the Bachelor of Arts in Conservation and Restoration, Visual Communication and Interior Architecture and the Master of Arts in Interaction Design the Institute of Design and its staff are actively involved in education. With its continuing education courses, it offers constant training support to students, researchers and professionals.

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The Institute of Design is based at the SUPSI Campus in Mendrisio.

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Institute of Design

University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland

Campus SUPSI Mendrisio
Via Flora Ruchat-Roncati 15
CH-6850 Mendrisio

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