SUPSI's international dimension is realised through the mobility of its academic staff, involvement in international networks and participation in European research programmes.

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The international dimension is one of the four priority strategic choices that SUPSI has identified for the four-year period 2021-2024.
International access includes four objectives in particular.



Strengthening the position in the Swiss university system to meet the demands of global outreach. Enhance the regional, national and international potential, both in research and service projects and in the training of profiles required by employers.


North-South connection

Acting as a two-way bridge between the north and south of the Alps, leveraging specific competencies and responding to the needs of the region.



Adapting the educational offering to the other national languages, German in particular, and to English, according to the curricula and the language skills required by the professional contexts of reference.


International Initiatives

Promoting international initiatives aimed at strengthening regional and national reputation and related to regional development.

. Internationality in numbers

SUPSI encourages the creation of opportunities for mobility and international cooperation among lecturers, researchers and students. Internationality represents a value that translates into the development of intercultural competences, partnerships and research projects.

Figures for the year 2022.
  • 56
    Projects of the European Horizon 2020 programme
  • 80
    Active international projects
  • 210+
    Incoming/outgoing student and staff mobility
  • 170+
    International collaborations with university partners

Everything you need to know

In order to study and stay in Switzerland, there are a number of bureaucratic aspects to be considered before starting one's activity.

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