Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Technology (MEMTi)

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Institute of Mechanical  Engineering and Materials Technology

It is active in the manufacturing and energy industries. It is dedicated to the development of technical ideas and solutions for technological advancement, increased efficiency, and increased competitiveness of components and systems.

Mission and objectives

The Institute provides excellence in the development of technological products and processes applied to the manufacturing and energy sectors through close collaboration with academia, institutions and industry at local, national and international levels.


To be a leading academic partner for technological innovation in Ticino in the manufacturing sector.


Delivering excellence to industry and public bodies for the development of innovative technological products and processes for business competitiveness and environmental sustainability.

Department of belonging

Department of Innovative Technologies

Institute Board Members
  •             Cinzia Dolci, Executive Assistant MEMTi

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The Institute is equipped with experimental and diagnostic facilities to offer services to public and local private companies and institutions. 

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Researchers of the Institutes contributes to the undergraduate and graduate studies activities of the Department of Innovative Technologies, especially with regard to the Bachelor's degree courses in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering and Management, as well as to some teaching and scientific activities within the Master of Science in Engineering.

The Institute has several laboratories conducting research activities. Collaboration with companies and institutions is preferably based on the development of innovative projects through third-party, cantonal, federal or European funding. On request, services are also offered and direct mandates for companies or other partners are carried out.

Further information about the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Technology is available by visiting the dedicated website 

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Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Technology

Department of Innovative Technologies

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