Research at SUPSI

With 46 million francs in financing and with more than 800 researchers and scientific collaborators, research at SUPSI is proportionally more significant than at other SWISS University of Applied Sciences (UAS) institutions.

The main feature of this research is the application profile, aimed chiefly at meeting the needs of companies and institutions, with a number of internationally recognised areas producing work of a high scientific level. SUPSI participation in European research projects is particularly noteworthy.

Collaboration with private companies, mainly in the technology sector, is conducted in the form of direct mandates and by means of projects financed by Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency.

Research in the financial, social, construction and environmental sectors principally consists of collaboration projects and service activities for public institutions.

Approximately 50% of SUPSI research is financed by general Confederation and Cantonal contributions, 25% by direct mandates granted by companies and institutions, and 25% by funds obtained after participation in a competitive process (Innosuisse, European programmes, Fondo Nazionale Svizzero per la Ricerca Scientifica); the high level of self-financing and the success achieved in funding competitions are testament to both the high quality scientific content and the ability to respond to the needs of the economy and of society.

SUPSI expertise is made available to the local economy, in collaboration projects conducted mainly with small and medium-sized companies in Southern Switzerland, in line with the institutional mandate of promoting the transfer of expertise and technology.

Unlike purely academic universities, whose success is measured in terms of the global visibility achieved by means of scientific publications, UAS institutions are identified by the projects acquired and by the direct contributions made to the financial and social development of the local area.