Competence Centre for Management and Entrepreneurship

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Competence Centre for Managementand Entrepreneurship

The Competence Centre for Management and Entrepreneurship (CMI) offers support in the area of business management to regional companies, organisations and institutions, through a pragmatic and flexible approach.

The Centre's research activities are divided into six disciplinary sectors which cover some key areas of business management.


Strategy and Organisational Development

Addresses the topics of sector analysis, strategic development, organisational analysis and change management of companies, organisations and institutions.


Marketing, Communication and Consumer Behaviour

Addresses the topics of market analysis, company positioning in the market, communication strategies and consumer behaviour.


Entrepreneurship and innovation

Addresses the topics of entrepreneurial culture, entrepreneurship support, innovation development and transfer, and design thinking applied to innovation in business contexts.


Financial management and controlling systems

Research and service activities in the areas of accounting reporting, financial management, financing systems and management control. 


Corporate social responsibility and sustainability reporting

Research and service activities in the areas of corporate social responsibility and sustainability in business contexts.


Management of digital information for business decision support

Research and service activities in the areas of internal control and risk management, information analysis, and decision support systems. 

Domenico Ferrari, MAS, Professor in Management of Public and Non-Profit Organisations

Head of the center
Domenico Ferrari, MAS, Professore in Gestione delle organizzazioni pubbliche e non profit
  • Jenny Assi, PhD, Senior Lecturer-Researcher
  • Mattia Bedolla, MSc, Scientific collaborator
  • Chiara Bernardi, PhD, Senior lecturer-researcher
  • Leandro Bitetti, PhD, Lecturer-researcher
  • Victor Blazquez, PhD, Lecturer-Researcher
  • Giovanni Camponovo, PhD, Senior lecturer-researcher
  • Mirko Cardoso, BSc, Researcher
  • Caterina Carletti, MA, Lecturer-Researcher
  • Federico Corboud, MSc, Senior Lecturer-Researcher
  • Lorenzo Di Lucia, PhD, Lecturer-Researcher
  • Carlo Ferraris, MSc, Lecturer-Researcher
  • Carmine Garzia, PhD, Professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Andrea Huber, MSc, Lecturer-Researcher
  • Luana Luchetti, MSc, Lecturer-Researcher
  • Diego Lunati, PhD, Lecturer-Researcher
  • Daina Matise Schubiger, MSc, Lecturer-Researcher
  • Monica Mendini, PhD, Lecturer-researcher
  • Sheila Parolini; Assistant researcher
  • Filippo Sciaroni, MA, MAS  Lecturer-researcher
  • Edoardo Slerca, PhD, Lecturer-researcher
  • Silvia Stolfi, MSc, Lecturer-Researcher


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The agreement is a multi-year agreement with an indicative duration of three years, flexibly renewable to comply with the pace of change and with a flexible budget allocation within a predefined annual ceiling, in order to take into account the uncertain evolution of the innovation path in the absence of a predefined output.

The Centre collaborates with local companies, organisations and institutions through research and service agreements with the aim of developing tailor-made solutions to specific problems.

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Entrepreneur Club

Programme aimed at supporting the entrepreneurial development process of SUPSI students through coaching, training, sharing skills and networking.
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Businesses in Ticino (AIF)

The AIF-SUPSI Observatory on Family Businesses in Ticino aims to carry out a systematic analysis of the characteristics and role of family businesses operating in Ticino.
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The Centre is active in Undergraduate and Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, recognising the extreme importance of systematically transferring the results of research and service activities into education. The aim is to bring training closer to the needs of companies, organisations and institutions. To this end, CMI employees are regularly active as lecturers in their respective areas of specialisation at DEASS, at other SUPSI departments and at third-party training institutions. 

Over the years, the Centre has developed project-based collaborations with academic, corporate and institutional partners in Switzerland and abroad. It is its prerogative to promote collaborations with academic partners at local, national and international level, as well as with local and national partners in order to facilitate the exchange of good practices.

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