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Bioreactor for culture, isolation, and exosome collection

The present project, developed by the Institute of Systems and Applied Electronics (ISEA) in collaboration with the Cardiocentro Ticino Institute, involved the participation of a student who I was able to build, starting from subsystems and functional blocks, a laboratory prototype of a bioreactor for the production and collection of exosomes, vesicles containing useful sections of mRNA, which can be used for myocardial regenerative medicine.

Bisuschio, Villa Cicogna Mozzoni

Villa Cicogna Mozzoni in Bisuschio (Varese) is one of the most important Renaissance villas in Lombardy. Thanks to an agreement with the Fondazione Maria Cristina Cicogna Mozzoni Onlus, it was possible to initiate a long-term collaboration to promote significant intervention projects. The first of these dealt with the portico at the entrance to the villa, on which scenes from Ovid's The Metamorphoses and intricate grotesque decorations dating from around 1562-63 are depicted.

FART - Centovalli Railway: analysis and verification of the electrical traction system

With the aim of expanding its rail transport offering, FART SA will introduce a new regional Locarno-Intragna half-hourly service to be produced with new Stadler Rail AG rolling stock. The electric traction (ET) system was verified using TrainsRunner software (©SetteIdea), an electro-mechanical simulator specifically for railway systems. The completed model includes the track, the railway operation and the electric traction plant. The performance of the ET system was evaluated in the current configuration in a degraded regime. High conductor temperatures and wear on the contact line (CL) and track are considered. In addition, the ET plant is also evaluated in the event of substation failure (SSF) and by varying the power supply concept, i.e. through isolated SSFs.


The project aims to translate and visually modernise classical texts, such as Ovid's Metamorphoses, through the use of new technologies.
The aim is to create a synergistic fusion between the textual content and the visual dimension, creatively combining both human and artificial intelligence. The art director, the AI writer (ChatGPT) and the AI photographer (Midjourney) will work closely together to produce a photographic book 'of mutated forms in new bodies', which will collect the best experiments made during the process.

Monitoring system for Società Navigazione Lago di Lugano - Zero Emission Ship

On 14 September 2021, Lake Lugano became the first Swiss lake to be equipped with a zero-emission tour boat designed and built entirely in Ticino.
The venti35 project was born with the mission to protect the environment and to meet needs that require mobility with zero CO2 emissions.
In this context, the diploma project aims to generate and store in blockchain the C02 certificates related to the savings resulting from the electrification of SNL vessels.

Morcote, Church of Santa Maria al Sasso

The Chapel of St John the Baptist, built at the end of the 16th century, forms a single decorative ensemble within the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso in Morcote, one of the most important Renaissance buildings in Ticino. The conservation and restoration work on the wall paintings, depicting episodes from the life of St John the Baptist, and on the stucco decoration of the vault is part of an established collaborative relationship between SUPSI and the Municipality of Morcote.

Object re-identification in multiple surveillance cameras system

Surveillance cameras are pervasive elements in our cities today: they act as a deterrent against illegal activities or traffic offences, help investigate crimes and can provide useful analysis of traffic and people. The collection and analysis of video streams from multiple sources, possibly in real time, poses a number of ethical, legal and technical challenges. As engineers, we mainly focus on the latter issue, leaving the first two to politicians and lawyers.

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