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The Department of Environment Constructions and Design develops continuing education programmes in cooperation with leading professional associations and business contacts. It offers training geared towards sustainable development programmes according to trends and training needs identified with partners. The flexible and modular structure of the training offers facilitates the reconciliation of work and study commitments.

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. Continuing education in brief

Continuing Education courses are aimed at persons working with high specialised skills, in public and private enterprises and technical studies.
  • 18
    Advanced Studies courses
  • 70
    Short courses
  • 37
    Average age of participants
  • 1100
    Participants per year

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Land and security in climate change

Training to design actions for the prevention and mitigation of environmental impact. The topics developed in the courses cover the effects of change on the region, natural heritage management, reuse, geomatics and protection systems against natural hazards, renewable energies, effective use of energy, management (storage, transformation and transport) and energy planning.

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Enhancing cultural heritage

Special attention is paid to the field of conservation and restoration with the aim of safeguarding the historical and artistic heritage through the strengthening and development of effective, sustainable, inclusive and coordinated management models and tools for the protection of cultural heritage at risk.

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Life sciences

The focus is on new technologies applied to the identification of micro-organisms, the microbiological quality of indoor environments, biosecurity, the assessment of the quality of aquatic ecosystems, the fight against vectors of infectious diseases, the control and prevention of biodeterioration with environmentally sustainable methods, micropollutants in the environment and sustainable energy production through the use of micro-organisms.

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Building Management

The focus of continuing education in the field of building management is on the management of structures and infrastructure, structural maintenance and control techniques, consolidation and reinforcement of structures, and innovative materials. Courses are oriented towards the development of inclusive and integrated territorial planning and the development of energy efficiency in buildings and their maintenance.

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Design and culture for sustainable development

The aim is to accompany the transition of cultural industries in implementing sustainability-oriented strategic planning over several years, in developing programmes and cultural products geared towards spreading an ecological culture. Train specialists for the production of targeted content with digital tools for the sharing of knowledge on sustainability issues. 

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Cooperation and Sustainable Development

Training courses are offered to promote professional and social skills in the area of cooperation and development, promoting the professional development of those already working in the various organisations and the training of new recruits.

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Digital, sustainable and transformative entrepreneurship

The aim is to guide professionals towards a greater focus on innovation in their organisations. New areas of up-skilling and re-skilling opportunities related to the topics of space transformation, technology development towards sustainability, brand strategies  4.0 through design management and design of interactive environments, to name but a few.

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Real estate Management

Continuing education in Real Estate offers courses focused on the consolidation and development of specific skills in the fields of real estate valuation, management and renovation with a focus on the most innovative tools related to real estate valuation, digitalisation in construction and property management.

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